View Full Version : Help with brueko and DHL.

01-06-2009, 03:45 PM
Well I ordered a nice brueko.Thin Soprano body with "concerto" neck... well today I got my Bill/thank you letter from Brueko and I checked the tracking number. and.... TADA.....DHL shat the bed.... status say it's still in Germany... hasn't changed in over a week.

I have a few questions...

How long Should it take DHL to deliver ( I phoned DHL but they were completely clueless) ???

Will Mr. Pfeiffer send me a new uke/refund me if it goes missing? ( Read the international horror stories about DHL.)

has anyone ordered a brueko from over seas?

Mr Pfeiffer emailed a few days ago telling me he Hopes it arrives and that it arrives in non destroyed condition.... Not the kind of e-mail I wanted...

Peter W.