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08-03-2013, 02:19 AM
Having spent the last several weeks setting up my Gold Tone Banjolele, I have made adjustments to head tension, refined the bridge and the nut, removed the back resonator plate, and built a replacement wood ring to mount to the back for comfort. The nut had sharp edges on it which I have removed. In the process I found two of the strings were nicked as a result. The bridge slots were filed to remove sharp edges where the string enters and exits it. I also tried a small block of foam between the stabilizer rod and the head to eliminate errant vibrations. All in all it did improve the sound quality.

After reading an archived thread about wooden tailpieces, I decided to try one so I fabricated one out of cherry wood. Cherry is hard but not too hard and has a warm look when finished with a light coat of tung oil. I mounted the tailpiece with a round head stove bolt and three nuts. ( pictures to follow) The strings are mounted through the top to the bottom of the tailpiece and then angled upward towards the bridge. Each hole for the strings is filed with a smooth exit radius and the underside of the tailpiece is lightly slotted towards the edge from the hole to guide the string to the edge of the tailpiece.

The wood absorbs errant vibrations before they get to the tension hoop and it produces a clear sound which is a little warmer. I was able to remove the foam block from the inside and the volume went up a little as well as the head is no longer dampened by the foam. The angle of the strings to the bridge is a little severe and I may consider stringing it with the string entering the underside of the tailpiece and exiting the top. Intonation adjusting caused the bridge to be angled a little for the G string to be in tune.


08-07-2013, 01:49 AM
Here is the link to You Tube for a video of the changes to the Gold Tone Banjolele and how it sounds with a wooden tailpiece.



08-18-2013, 04:37 PM
Nice work. Makes it sound more plunky. (a good thing IMO).