View Full Version : Cecilia - Aldrine Guerrero played by me

01-07-2009, 07:37 PM
new video. Was suppose to enter in the uke got mail contest but too late.
Doesnt matter, enjoy the video..


01-07-2009, 07:43 PM
I haven't heard the original, but I feel I don't have to. Beautiful playing!! I see you've been doing your pinky stretches!!:bowdown:

01-07-2009, 07:49 PM
thanks man.. =]
+1 subscriber. watched your videos and you play very well also mate.
all the best

01-07-2009, 08:36 PM
That was awesome Grappler. So well played!! It's such a beautiful song and you really did it justice.

01-07-2009, 08:45 PM
just awesome. great playing Nam!

and when you do get that new camera, we'll see how good a job you did on that paint job. :)

01-08-2009, 07:51 AM
Very nice!

Fred Miu
01-08-2009, 07:59 PM
nice job brah. i still gotta work on memorizing it more. you are now my inspiration on playing it more.

01-08-2009, 08:59 PM
thanks guys

Yes will do russ!! ill be getting the cam prob in 2 weeks or so. hopefully get a new song up and running for ya

Thank you fred! hows your grappling going? Hope your tapping ppl out!

Fred Miu
01-09-2009, 06:20 PM
Thank you fred! hows your grappling going? Hope your tapping ppl out!

brah i havent gone for a month. i got in a car accident and got rear ended. i filed a medical claim because my back was irritated. my dad said dont do BJJ until the medical claim is cleared.

other than that, i snuck in a couple practices and i have tighten my game up.

01-09-2009, 08:30 PM
Fine, Fine job Nam. This is indeed a great song.

01-09-2009, 09:47 PM
Perfect! I might have to put this one one my short list of must learn songs..I was thinking of CMJ , but now maybe I like Cecilia more :)