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The pictures above are the front and obverse of the medal which will be presented to each inductee to the European Steel Guitar Hall of Fame. It will be made from a dense alloy, 7 cm. (2.75“) in diameter X 4 mm. (5/32”) thick. The front face carries a blue arc with gold stars implying the ESGHoF logo and a plain metal panel in the shape of a bullet steel to be engraved with the recipients name and date of induction. The obverse face is in plain metal and carries stylised images of the three main steel guitars: Lap steel, Pedal steel and Resonator. The models for these images are from instruments made by Roberto Reani (Italy), Wolfgang Bednarz (WBS Guitars, Germany) and Kristian Äng (Rednote Guitars, Sweden) respectively.


The medal design is now completed but the moulds and manufacturing processes have to be completed. The cost of this work will be met by contributions from the founder members and from corporate donations. Founder members will be named and will be perpetually associated with the European Steel Guitar Hall of Fame. To organise the donation process we have constructed a virtual “Founders’ Wall” and founder members can purchase a brick for 12.50 euros (or £10.00) or two bricks for 20.00 euros (or £16.00). The brick will carry a plaque with the founder member’s name and will be linked to the member’s name in a list of founder members.


European Steel Guitar Hall of Fame
Selection committee Members

John Marsden (GB): Acting Chairman of the Selection Committee. Has the Jerry Byrd Lifetime achievement award in the US Steel Guitar Hall of Fame. He is a recognised chronologist and historian in all matters Hawaiian/Steel guitar.

Ken Byng (GB): is an established authority on the pedal steel guitarists in the UK (and elsewhere) and was Sarah Jory’s tutor.

Kari Laine (FI): is an accomplished historian, musicologist and expert on steel guitars and guitarists worldwide.

Walter Stettner (AT): with his famous tribute site to Lloyd Green and also the “Who is on Record” articles chronicling players contributions. An excellent steel guitarist himself and has an extensive knowledge of pedal steel guitar recordings and players.

Gerrit Venema (NL): is undoubtedly one of the world's top experts on Hawaiian music and its players, having one of the largest record and publication collections in this genre.

Cyril LeFebvre (FR): is an extraordinary French slide guitarist and ukulele player, a renowned expert on acoustic steel players and founder of the Uptown Hawaiians along with Mike Cooper

Mike Cooper (IT): has great knowledge of all things Polynesian as well as slide/steel guitar. Very knowledgeable about European players past and present.

Ken Ufton (CA): now residing in Canada, was a leading player in the UK before he emigrated, his knowledge crosses the lap/pedal steel divide. He was one of the first pedal players in the UK to build his own PSG in the late 50's. He has great knowledge of steel guitar music and musicians in general.

James Schmitt (FR): Franco American has a deep knowledge of the contemporary steel guitar scene in France. He has run and administered the SteelGuitarFrance Forum since 2001, which has contributed to the current revival of the steel guitar in France.

Egil Skjelnes (NO): probably has one of the largest steel guitar record collections in
the world.. Egil worked together with Joe Goldmark putting together "The International Steel Guitar Discography".

Wolfgang Bednarz (DE): is probably the youngest steel guitar builder in the world. He has been building his highly rated steel guitars for the last eleven years and has personal acquaintance with many European professional and amateur players.

Les Cook (GB): founder of Grass Skirt Records and responsible for the resurrection of past masters’ recordings of classic acoustic performances. Along with other renowned experts continues the legacy of the acoustic steel guitar and its seminal players.

Digby Hardy (GB): Non voting member of the Selection Committee. Acting Chairman of Executive committee. Plays lap steel guitar, mainly Hawaiian. Organiser of the annual Chanos International Steel Guitar Festival in Chanos Curson, France.
Together with Basil Henriques started the European Steel Guitar Forum in 2009.

Basil Henriques (GB): Non voting, Acting Secretary of the Selection Committee. One of the very few Hawaiian Guitarists contracted to a Major record label with sales worldwide in excess of 3 million units. Responsible for promoting steel guitar within the showband industry in Ireland and establishing it as an integral part of the music scene.