View Full Version : FS: Teton ukulele (Singapore)

09-21-2013, 02:40 PM
I have to sell off my Concert Teton solid body electric, which pains me greatly because I literally just got it from mim less than a hundred days ago...
The proceeds will go towards my school fees -.-



Located in Singapore, I can ship the ukulele if necessary but its not very economical to do so...
Is there anyone (preferably in Singapore) who will take it off my hand?

Its in perfect condition, clean it every time I play.

Hoping to sell at a good price.
350 SGD?
(I know its on the high side, but I'm running out of things to sell. I'll be glad to drop the price for a good reason though.)

Contact me at 91771861.

Split shipping costs with me for international.
Shipping to US would cost ~70SGD, but if you are in the states, please just buy it from mim...