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09-24-2013, 12:52 PM
Well, I figure it's time for me to try plugging in, and Butler Music has a couple really good deals right now. But, before I buy anything, I thought it would be worth it to post here to see if anybody's looking to move an electric ukulele—or just to ask for advice!

If you've got an a/e ukulele you're looking to sell, please let me know! I'm not too into sopranos, and my price point is, unfortunately, pretty low. Anything above $200 is going to make me start to feel a little queasy (but I can handle feeling a little uncomfortable, if it's called for), and anything above $300 is going to give me some real gnawing turmoil (so that's not as comfortable, even if it's a really good deal). 6-string would be a plus, but, yeah, not likely at this price point.

For anyone who'd like to engage in UAS by proxy, uninteresting details are below. Advice is absolutely welcome.


Still reading? I'm going to just start thinking out loud here, so don't expect anything interesting.

Butler Music on Ebay has a few things on sale right now:
Lanikai solid Monkeypod A/E blem tenors at $127
Lanikai solid Monkeypod A/E (non-blem) tenors at $214
Lanikai Quilt Ash (solid spruce top) A/E (non-blem) concerts, setup, at $130
Lanikai Quilt Ash (solid spruce top) A/E (non-blem) tenors, setup, at $194
Lanikai solid Mahogany A/E (non-blem) concerts, setup, at $139.
Lanikai solid Mahogany A/E (non-blem) tenors, setup, at $169.

So there are some good deals there. For A/E 6-strings, the cheapest solid-top option I can find is a Lanikai O-6E at $273, which is tempting, but ugh I'm not sure. There's also a Mainland solid mahogany tenor with acoustic pickup over at the Flea Market marketplace for $265+shipping. Obviously a good deal . . . but still over twice as much as a solid monkeypod A/E blem tenor. So that's hard to weigh . . .

09-24-2013, 08:43 PM
NAS Breezy Point. Lotsa great memories. Never saw a Sailors and dogs keep off the grass sign, as was rumoured to exist.

I have an Oscar Schmidt OU 5 EL made of koa. The new retail price is pushing $400, but this one came to me on a trade. It is in extremely good shape. She traded for an acoustic Long Neck Soprano. It has a padded bag with it. Price is $245, and probably $15.00 shipping.

It is an unfair comparison to the one I already have to make a comparison...but if I did not have a Giannini 10 EL with a rosewood body, I would have been quite content to have kept this on with its sounds and looks

If you are talking ADGCEA as a six string, they are a lot of fun. However, if you are talking of two strings as singles, and two as doubles, the novelty wears off very quickly. Picking is a mess because of the single- double difference. Strictly for strumming, it's still a pain to have some notes emphasised and other lacking.

09-25-2013, 12:19 AM
I've heard from others who like the fullness of the 6- and 8-strings, and who say the difference in picking is no big deal. Now, I wouldn't be the least surprised if you were right, but I'd like to try it out for myself. Thanks for the input on it! I just wish there was someplace nearby that actually had a 6- or 8-string I could try out . . . but there isn't.

Thanks also for posting your OU5! I think, since there are decent solid-top or all-solid instruments in my price range, I'm inclined to go with a solid- rather than a laminate-top. I'm still not sure whether the solid wood thing really makes sense, or if it's just a desire for authenticity or something. I have a cheap laminate bari (LU-21B) that sounds great! But given the choice, I'd rather go with the solid wood.

bobO G
09-25-2013, 03:16 AM
Just to let you know I have purchased 3 items from Butler music and I think these guys are top shelf .I bought 1 of those mokeypod E/A tenors and love it ! I paid 170$ plus shipping and could not be happier with it . The blems are minor and butler was right on with there description of the blems . Also bought a guitar and a nice tenor hard case all great deals . So if you go with Butler I think your in good hands . And no you can't have my Tenor :) Good luck .

09-25-2013, 03:39 AM
Thanks, bobO! Glad to hear it!