View Full Version : udate on adjusting to a tenor

10-14-2013, 06:53 AM
A while back I posted about buying a Kamaka tenor and the trouble I was having adjusting to the size. One suggestion offered was to leave my concert in the case for a while. I did just that with one small exception, I had to perform with two percussionist friends of mine. Other than that I have only played the tenor and things have improved dramatically. I am also studying privately to work on fingerpicking. Slowly but surely I'm getting comfortable with fingerpicking and really enjoying my Kamaka. Who wouldn't enjoy a Kamaka?
I also posted a few days back about hearing singer/songwriter Michael Johnson, (Bluer Than Blue)he's also an extremely talented classically trained guitarist. His voice is very distinctive and he is a wonderful performer. I got to spend ten minutes or so talking with him after his show and he gave me a few really useful tips. One thing he stressed was playing relaxed and finding my optimal posture when playing. Michael also teaches privately when not travelling so he's an experienced teacher as well. If he is appearing in your area be sure to check him out. Be sure to talk to him if you have the time, a really nice human being and awfully funny as well. He also once played a show with Jake.
Thank you to the folks who offered their advice.