View Full Version : N(to me)UD: Kamaka White Label Koa Soprano!

10-22-2013, 05:09 AM
Just arrived yesterday and it's sooooo cute! Came in the original chipboard yellow monster fur lined case. It's a player for sure. Used by three kids in the 80s and 90s in Hawaii for elementary school uke classes, so it's not a closet queen or mint but it has a great sound and plays quite well! For $300, I might have paid too much but I liked the guy's story :)


10-22-2013, 05:27 AM
Congratulations on your new uke day! Bet it sounds great! Good story too.

mm stan
10-22-2013, 05:43 AM
Great price...last one from a school I found out was stolen....congrats on your new kamaka...Happy Strummings...

10-22-2013, 06:25 AM
Thanks! I look forward to getting to know it!

hawaii 50
10-22-2013, 06:29 AM
like Stan says...that is a great price....

it looks like it is in great condition...
you know when it was new they might of paid less than $70.00...and I bet the build is really good too...

10-22-2013, 07:13 AM
I don't think you paid too much at all. Enjoy!

Radio Flyer
10-22-2013, 07:37 AM
better than new!

10-22-2013, 12:55 PM
Saw one in an advertisement that had the original sales receipt from some drug store for $39.95

10-22-2013, 01:46 PM
The cost of living calculator says that $39 in 1973 would be equivalent to approx. $216 today