View Full Version : New Irish Tenor Banjo Day (NITBD?)

10-22-2013, 07:00 PM
Picked up a Hofner Irish Tenor Banjo today. Tuned it to DGBE, like a guitar, or what it called Chicago Tuning. Its at least a few decades old, but I cannot find out much about it, except it's not considered exactly what you would call high end.

I looked all over, even pulled the back shell off and there are no labels, stickers, decals or stamps telling about the model or anything.

Anyway, it plays well, jangles like an S.O.B., and fills an empty hole that was in my heart... The Tenor Banjo Hole.

I think it may need new or maybe even correct strings. There are a few sour notes here and there and they remind me of the kind of issues I see on guitars with over stretched strings.

No case. Little wear. Frets are OK, no wear on fretboard, but the back of the neck has two places where the finish is crinkled, like someone with something on their hands played it and did wipe it off, but it's more visual than anything. Also some finish cracks on the back of the resonator. Does not affect the wood, old Lacquer.