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10-29-2013, 07:17 AM
No longer available - as of 11/2

See you next time, thanks.

Absolutely as new - mint. Not a mark on it that I can find, including NO strum marks! (10/30 - I take that back - I found a few light marks on the back - really light - as in my second post - but no strum marks, that's still true at least until I start playing it more!)

This is a 2013 model. Original case, etc. Beautiful Mahogany. Looks exactly like the examples on the Collings website.

Currently has Savarez strings, Collings recommended gauges.

Sounds incredible, plays great. Big, loud and somewhat bright mahogany sound. Send me a PM with questions about the instrument or terms.
Reasonable offers considered. Note that Gryphon music and Artisan Guitars have similar instruments for sale for approximately $2200.

Sorry I didn't put in a picture with a sign on it, but I've sold stuff here before and information about me is readily available on the web.

Doug Tanner


10-30-2013, 10:40 AM
More pics. Also, I noticed some Extremely light marks on the back today when I was taking pics. I'm sure they could be rubbed out, but I certainly wouldn't bother. I realize the price on this is a little high, I would consider offers. But it is a really good UT2 - killer sound, plays great and really nice wood. It's worth every bit of what I'm asking, so I'm not likely to come down a whole lot. (maybe someday after it's been played and has wear - but not in it's current "as new" condition)

Just so you know :)