View Full Version : String Placement and Height

Gumby Ya Ya
11-20-2013, 06:13 AM
Hi all,
I hope this makes sense, I'm looking for help/suggestions for dealing with a couple issues I have. I have an Ohana KSG300 Koa sprano, wonderful uke, which I love having. However, the strings are fairly low (set up like this at shop where I got it). I like the height and it suits me well, except that struming, or fingerpicking at the sweet spot which seems about 1-2 frets up on the fingerboard, I'm having trouble strumming without sweeping across the frets, or getting a good pluck while fingerpicking. It's a lot easier, and no problem if my right hand is nearer the soundhole (off the fretboard), not quite as nice of sound, but ok. I also learned early on that ukes should be strummed up from the soundhole, not right on it. Maybe I'm being too dogmatic about this, not strumming there.

Also, the A string is fairly close to the fretboard edge, and I find I pull it off a fair bit. I don't do this on my other ukes. I'm very hesitant about playing with the nut to move it in, affecting intonation, height, etc. Any suggestions for not pulling the string off?

These are probably user errors, and any suggestions for nipping bad habits would be appreciated. Sorry for the long post, just hard to describe.