View Full Version : UK - a selection of good value interesting non-standard ukuleles

11-22-2013, 07:59 AM
a carefully de-varnished Ohana SK35, (rubbed with AAA wire wool - took a LONG time! then waxed) now a lot lighter and feeling a lot better in the hands. Looks 1960/70s, and has more 'wood' about it. Slight dip in front of the bridge but nothing you'd notice. sounds lovely, Worth Brown Mediums. A true classic, improved I'd say. 90

the narrow body narrow-neck soprano in the pic with the violin conversion (separate thread) Solid spruce top. compact and sounds interesting. 50

A solid Brazilian Rosewood 'Rustic Ukulele Company' lightweight soprano. Extremely unsymmetrical, frets are a bit out of true in places but purrs beautifully. Nice shape. 90

Flea Firefly-substitute banjo ukulele
Luke Futcher ash/cherry neck
Remo Fibreskin drum
beautiful player, far more easy on the ear than a standard banjo uke

a 'zither'-type banjo uke c. 1925, battered, squashed end, but new vellum, very heavy but compact.
plays beautifully and nice low action (the one in the chives on blog)

all on the blog in link below… some in keepers section but just can't play them all.