View Full Version : 1st ever: West Hills Uke Festódone!

Harold O.
01-24-2009, 04:54 PM
My buddy Scott came by my home office around 4 and left just after 7PM. He, me, and The Captain (Morgan, in Big Gulp cups) had a fine discussion about all things uke.

We hashed out D and A7 for Jambalya then C, F, G, C for a nice simple progression. He listened to me hack a tune or two, we swapped a story or two, we pretended to play a song or two.

We worked through "Tall Women Are Bitchin'" and "I Ought to Haul Off And Thank You" then laughed our way through "And Pfft! You Were Gone".

We had the capacity, but lacked the inclination, to record anything beyond a simple photo to mark this most remarkable event. (I'm holding my newly acquired Ohana tenor while Scott has his Vineyard zebra-wood soprano).

Ya'll missed out. But there will be more to come...

Harold O.