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12-13-2013, 06:41 AM
My Fender 52 Tele arrived today!

It's been on back order since early November - and as it's a Christmas pressie, I only took it out of the box long enough to check it wasn't damaged and have a quick play - but first impressions are good!

(Sorry - no pics till Santa gives it to me!)

Finish is nice (not quite as nice as my Epiphone Les Paul, but still more than acceptable for a relatively cheap instrument), Frets edges are smooth - no sharp bits!

Tuners are solid and smooth operating

Action is nigh on perfect - nice and low with no buzzing at all

Quick check of the intonation and it seems good (only used the onboard tuner, so that will have to be compared with my clip on tuner)

The electrics are Fishman, but I've yet to plug it into the amp.

It came with Aquilas, but I'll most likely go with my current string of choice - the LWS - and probably go for a Low G setup, as my Les Paul is in re-entrant.

Definitely a nice addition to my collection :D

01-01-2014, 09:05 AM



Although I've not had too much free time to play, I've had a quick go through my Vox Mini3 and the sound is great, with little / zero feedback, which I guess reflects well on the Fishman electrics.

Not struck on the Aquilas, but they will have to wait till Summer to get changed out, as I leave on Saturday ....

Anyway - thought I'd add the pics, as we all love pics .... :D