View Full Version : Quick review between Aquila and D'Addario Pro Arté J71s

01-26-2009, 08:16 AM
Hey all. I purchased the J71 from the UU store and thought I would do a quick review on them VS the Aquilas I had on. Its went on a Lehua Tenor Ukulele. I wanted to change out the aquilas cuz they were WAY TOO LOUD and bright for my personal taste... Well atleast on a tenor. (love the way the aquila sounds on my concert Kala) Got the J71s on and they are quieter, have a better sustain and the sound is much warmer than the aquilas.. The strings feels like they are a higher tension so a bit harder on the finger than the aquilas but now I can tune a step down with out buzzing which I couldnt do on the aquilas.

:(I wished I recorded some audio for comparisson:(... I'll do it when I try out the Worth strings