View Full Version : new song, new lyrics what dyu think

01-27-2009, 09:35 AM
hey up uu!!! wrote a new song over yesterday and today, not sure on a couple of the lyrics. i havn't sorted out my mic yet so thats why this isn't a recording (maybe coming later)

fix it all : c g Am f

so if you take all my lovin
and go and spend it all
nevermind all the running
i'm not gonna let you fall
but babe you look so stunnin
in your pink and black overalls
time for some strummin
and that might fix it all

oh how i wish you could be
someone who didn't charge a lovin fee
and let the rain wash over me
fix it all
and if we tried we could succeed
makin sure it's just you and me
fix it all, fix it all, fix it all

i and while i play my uke yeah
while the sun sets peacefully
i know that you my baby
are happy next to me
and there is nowhere else yeah
that i would rather be
than with you my baby
under the apple tree


if you've got any ideas to replace the cheesy bits please voice up, and i really need something to go after the second chorus, a solo doesn't really fit but a more exciting bridge than i've got atm whcih is just picking the chords instead of strumming

cheers :D:shaka: