View Full Version : Deciphering Fluke Codes

12-31-2013, 03:35 AM
I have a tenor sized Fluke that I bought last year when I met Jumpin' Jim Beloff. He was nice enough to autograph it. On the inside label there is some hand written information

M-20 24917

Any idea what this means? The wood top of the uke looks kind of like their "Surf Uke".

12-31-2013, 03:52 AM
I don't know what the codes mean but you should give them a call. they are some of the nicest friendliest people in the uke business...

and be sure to post back when you find out.

12-31-2013, 04:49 AM
I just emailed them. Don't know if they are open on New Years Eve though

12-31-2013, 05:24 AM
I got an email back that read
"The M20 signifies it is a tenor.
Number 24917 was the number we were at when this uke was built for the fluke style.
Number 3 signifies it was the third one built of that designer top.
The top is the STRIPE designer pattern"