View Full Version : Your suggestions for inexpensive video, audio, and edit tools

01-01-2014, 10:13 AM
Many of you regularly record video/audio and post it.
In 2014, I will need to create videos frequently - for my new business.

Would you like to recommend to me your suggestions for not-so-expensive and easy-to-use video, audio, and edit tools?

Do you use a simple webcam, or do have something like a Zoom video recorder?
Do you record direct using the mic of the device, or do you use a separate higher quality mic?
What Windows app do you use to put it all together?


Dan Uke
01-01-2014, 10:27 AM
I personally think you should get a mic since it's for business and you want high quality sound. Put the mic closer to you and shoot the video. I don't think the shotgun mics sound as good as having a mic closer to you.

Seems like most cameras now shoot in HD so I think the video part is easy. I personally use Movie Maker to sync as it's easy to use.

01-01-2014, 10:34 AM
For shooting the video I would recommend a Canon T3i which is relatively inexpensive and gives pretty good video quality, hook up and external microphone for the audio since you'll be wanting the best sound possible. You can get some decent video editing software from companies such as magix that isn't too expensive! Good luck.

01-01-2014, 11:11 AM
Great thread topic. I was just thinking of this same topic.

Would a pickup be preferred to a mic?

01-01-2014, 11:33 AM
Great thread topic. I was just thinking of this same topic.

Would a pickup be preferred to a mic?

No a pickup would NOT be preferred to a microphone. A microphone will ALWAYS beat a pickup for sound quality. Pickups are only tolerated for live performance if you don't want to mess around with a microphone. Personally I use microphones for live performance as well.

Apart from this I use a Mac and I've just bought a Macbook pro for simple recording although I haven't tested it fully yet. Straight to computer is a good way to go. Camcorders don't usually have good sound because in the professional video recording world they record sound separately and stitch it together later.


01-01-2014, 11:34 AM
I have a decent setup finally at my house.

It's mainly apple and apogee stuff.

I have Misi pickups on my 3 favorite ukes.

For video I use an ipad 2 with a stand so I can see what I'm taping.

I use apogee jam for a direct interface to the ipad apps for best sound or the apogee mic for acoustic and voice. They are both excellent products strictly ios and relatively inexpensive I think I paid 300 for both.

Let's see for apps on the ipad I use loopy hd, and jamup pro both excellent products and quire affordable.

I also use garageband and iMovie on both the ipad and my MacBook Pro,

Even if you are not a Mac user you can use the ipad for all of it including uploading directly to youtube.

Aside from the ipad, I have investd no more than 500 in total for a very nice digital quality home setup. This includes an ipad stand, cables, apps Etc...

I have not used the jam yet for youtube videos but the rest of my videos are all done with this setup, including the apogee mic

Being an IT and gadget guy, I did my research. And the apogee stuff and those apps are out of this world for the price. Also there is an app called chord detector that can give you all the chords for any song in your ipad.

This stuff is self contained in the ipad, it's relatively affordable, it's rock solid, chuck full of features, and relatively easy to use.

Oh some of these apps work together, and I also have a set of 4 airturn pedals.... So I can have an unlimited looper for all digital... Vs. the ditto pedal that sells for 129