View Full Version : Is there Aquila tension with fluorocarbon projection strings?

01-27-2014, 06:55 AM
I tried Aquila / D'Addario Nyltech / Pro-Arte / Titanium T2 / Martin fluorocarbon / Worth Brown Light / Brown Medium

- Aquila / Worth Brown Light are acceptable in higher fret tension
- Titanium T2 / Pro-Arte are quite tight and hard for me in my Concert Uke. (Although I feel acceptable in classical guitar Pro-Arte EJ45)

Actually I really feel Aquila is the softest and easiest to play, but I really like the sound projection of fluorocarbon
Under fluorocarbon tension strings, it's difficult to pick out/barre nice sound after 7th fret

Is there any other strings you may recommend with comfortable fingerpicking :D