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01-28-2014, 09:11 AM
I have so many interests and I've been in and out of this forum over the years, but as I have meandered through pastimes there has been one constant... the ukulele. There have been times when I may not pick it up for a month or so but for the most part I play it everyday.

So as much as I like seeing the excitement of someone getting a new uke, this one is for all of those old ukes out there.

I have had my main #1 ukulele for almost 7 years and it has been a real love-hate relationship... actually a lot more love. I have tried so many strings to get just the right sound, even fishing line, that I don't want to add up the dollars.

I have replaced the saddle and nut multiple times, changing string spacing, filed on the frets, (had to glue one on occasion), replaced the maple fret markers with abalone, drilled the side of the fret board to put in abalone side markers (used the 9th fret because I'm stubborn), polished out the satin finish on the soundboard to a gloss, added an arm rest, changed to tuning from C to Bb to C to B to...

I have tried to buy other ukes (I admit I did buy another model that Keith makes which I do enjoy playing). I have played a ton of them in stores and even when my wife has said I could buy one, I just haven't found one that I liked that much better. Not that my uke plays and sounds the best, it is a very good ukulele, but I have played better, but... at the end of the day it is almost like that friend who is always there... for good or bad.

Are there others that have not gotten caught up with UAS, not because they can't buy, but because they are just happy with what they have?


01-28-2014, 09:57 AM

Good thread! I am not even close to avoiding UAS, but it isn't because I'm unhappy with what I've had. I've had some tremendous instruments over the years, but I just can't resist trying new things - new designs, new tonewoods, different makers, etc. I have always felt that you can't fully get a feel for an instrument by just trying it out in the store. I need a solid month or two with it. Not to mention that the only way to try many of the ukes out there is to buy them over the internet. I try to take the best possible care of them so that they are appealing at resale. In the end, I never come close to getting what I paid, but I get to try new things and I chalk up the loss to 'entertainment' expenses. I've had some ukes that I was very satisfied with, but still sold them simply because I can't afford (financially) to keep accumulating them.

So, while I love to play and learn music, part of the whole uke experience that I truly enjoy is trying new things.

P.S. Just bought a new Collings tenor this week!


01-28-2014, 10:08 AM
not been caught up with UAS I have a soprano for work and a concert for home and that's me, only been playing just over a year and I don't yearn for collecting lots of ukes,

Five Ways
01-28-2014, 11:17 AM
I will raise a glass to happy old uke day as mine are getting older, cheers

01-28-2014, 11:29 AM
My wife and I have only owned ukes for a month, but I used to buy guitars constantly. It's been over two years since I bought a new guitar, but I can't make any promises about ukeleles.