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02-09-2014, 10:25 AM
This is an old Weymann spunover pot that I added a new neck to. It is a solid, stable, old timey banjo with a rich, mellow sound. It is strung with Fluorocarbon strings and sounds great for clawhammer, 2 finger, parlor banjo music or whatever. It is pretty light weight and setup with medium action and easy to play.

The pot is 10.5 inches across with a skin head and has all the original hardware except for five old replaced hooks and nuts. Note the cool tailpiece design.

The neck is a Saga banjo neck that I stained with dark brown lacquer. I dressed the frets, made an ebony nut, scooped the neck (notice the filled fret slots), added planetary tuners. I also made a new dowel stick to match. The fingerboard is a mystery rosewood. It has an adjustable truss rod that accesses through the headstock. The scale length is 26.25. The fingerboard width is 1 1/8 at nut and 1 3/4 at 12th fret. 36.5 inches total length.

I would consider stringing this up with steel strings or lowering action upon your request. Although I like it the way it is. I will get it pro packed and shipped for shipping in the US. I may do international shipping, but that would be more money.

$450 includes US shipping. Please email info@thebeansprout.com

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more pics...

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What tuning did you set this up with?