View Full Version : NEW!!!! Long Neck Soprano -Kala

Uke Republic
02-10-2014, 08:49 AM
I've always loved long neck sopranos and it seems they are gaining popularity. You still get a soprano tone with the finger space of a concert. Kala has introduced a solid spruce top model thats really nice.
It sounds and looks most excellent!


02-10-2014, 11:18 AM
Should sound awesome. savagehenry has the maple model with a solid spruce top and it's a sweetie. Great for someone who can't decide between a soprano and a concert.

02-10-2014, 11:40 AM
Mine arrives tomorrow. Thanks Mike! :)

Captain America
02-10-2014, 03:09 PM
I'm planning on getting a different one; I've given spruce a pop and it doesn't do it tonally for me, YMMV. I LIKE the soprano sound and it's great to have the concert scale.