View Full Version : Four concert boat paddle kits 125 each!

Pete Howlett
02-17-2014, 11:11 AM
I've changed the design so the unfinished four need to go.
All solid wood with African mahogany necks, rosewood fingerboards and bridges, nuts and saddle in Corian, fretwire, geared tuners and two cherry bodies, one pomelle sapele body and one figured mahogany. You need to profile the neck after gluing the heel block, profile the fingerboard and fret it with the fretwire provided (14.74" scale), drill 5/16" bush holes for the tuners... you know the drill - its a kit!

125 + 12.50 shipping to any location in Europe. 25 shipping to US.

http://i1269.photobucket.com/albums/jj589/HowlettUkulele/020dcfe4-2d54-4782-8eac-1ecdee4097bb_zpsbfc49818.jpg (http://s1269.photobucket.com/user/HowlettUkulele/media/020dcfe4-2d54-4782-8eac-1ecdee4097bb_zpsbfc49818.jpg.html)

See performance on one similar....