View Full Version : New here with a new used 8 string. Need a little help!

02-24-2014, 07:57 PM
Hey guys! So much info here it's amazing!

So a quick intro...I'm a little older, 40 at the present. I've played the uke all throughout my childhood, had a band in high school and just the typical kanikapila with friends. I haven't played in years and I've recently been getting the itch to buy myself an uke.

So, I found what I think is a killer deal. I bought a used Ceniza 8 string for $300. This uke is beautiful and still looks like its new almost. I was surprised to be able to get a hold of this!

Now onto the reason I am looking for a little help!

I haven't played an 8 string for a long time and the action seems really high (if that's the right term). I know it's gonna be harder to play than a 4 string of course but I'm not sure if it's the set-up or my weak fingers! I noticed the neck has a bow to it as well.

I've included some pics and I'm hoping you guys can tell me if the bow seems real bad or if you guys think it will even make a difference to pay someone to have it set up correctly for me. Maybe I can just change strings to help as well.

Please check out the pictures and give me what-ever feedback you'd like, Thanks!!!

02-24-2014, 07:58 PM
a few more!

02-24-2014, 09:47 PM
It is not a backbow from your pictures. From what I see the high 8 string tension is pulling the neck forward. It may or not be a bad thing. It would be bad if your saddle is protruding from the bridge a little as not too much lowering could be done to keep the correct angle. You may want to see if you can measure your action at the 12 fret as it sounds like it is too high now from the neck bowing forward which would increase the string height. On my Tenors I like to see 2.5mm at the 12 fret.

02-25-2014, 03:35 PM
Thanks for the input. It does look like I have so room to correct the angle from the saddle. I found someone local to set it up for me so I'll just have him check it out. Thanks again!