View Full Version : For Sale - electric bass ukulele, not Kala

Pete Howlett
02-28-2014, 08:07 AM
Well, the bass Firefly got strung up today and Stuart (my intern for the week) will confirm I was bouncing around the workshop - this puppy is the business. The clip you hear is through a Micro Cube amp. The piezo is active.

It is a beauty to behold and hear. Got the output jack oddly placed and Snowdon logo is a bit obscured - more work to do here I think so will be selling this for 595 instead of 795! Contact me if you want to purchase at pete@petehowlettukulele.com. English walnut drop-top, Brazilian mahogany body and neck, stripey ebony fingerboard, graphite truss rod, bolt on neck,string length is 528mm, nut width is 40mm with string spacing 34mm, string spacing at bridge is 44mm. Pyramid bass ukulele strings, Gotoh planetary tuners and eventually, oil finish. Ready in 2 weeks time, Delivery 30 UK, 60 Europe.