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03-02-2014, 10:00 PM

Hello UU! Putting my recently acquired Bushman Woodsman Tenor up for sale. This is a newer uke with a 2013 build date stamped in the sound hole label. Here's Bushman's story about the uke from the Bushman website:

"In 2009 we got an opportunity to buy some very good sounding Mahogany that had an interesting texture to it. We work with a lot of Mahogany since that is the wood used in our Jenny, but we're used to it being smooth. Normally when we're done sanding a Jenny, and spraying the glossy finish on it, it's as smooth as a baby's bottom, but the textured Mahogany has a natural, "pleasingly rough" feel to it. If you study the photos to the left, you can see what I'm talking about. This textured Mahogany also came in a lighter color than we normally get. We bought enough of it to build 96 "Woodsman" ukuleles, and that's all there are! Like all Bushman ukuleles, each one comes with a sound hole label showing the date on which it was completed. Because we only made 96 of these great sounding, beautiful looking "Woodsman" ukuleles, I believe they'll be a favorite among collectors. The Woodsman is available for immediate shipping to you in Soprano, Concert, Concert Cut-Away, Tenor, and Tenor Cut-Away."

So this uke is apparently one of 96 Woodsman ukes made, I guess that makes it rare. :) The textured finish is quite nice as well as the pearl trim around the top and headstock. Features a solid mahogany body, bone nut and saddle. I strung it up with Aquilas. I bought a nice ProTec Max case for it that I will include. It's in excellent condition, haven't played it much.

It's a really nice uke that I wouldn't mind keeping around, but need to sell to help fund another acquisition. No trades please.

$300 shipped to the USA.

Please email me with any questions or if you are interested: ecv31@hotmail.com

Some sound samples:


Link to more pics:


03-08-2014, 04:07 PM
Weekend bump to the top. Hey I'll also throw in a low G Aquila red series string. :)