View Full Version : Car needed on O'ahu

02-03-2009, 12:35 PM
Aloha everyone, Bob here.

For all of you UUers that live on O'ahu, I have a question.
Do any of you have, or know of, a cheap Japanese car for sale?

My wife and I decided we need another car, and here is what we are looking for:

Japanese car made 1990 or newer
Good working a/c
preferably standard transmission
good gas mileage
Needs to seat 4

If any of you O'ahu residents have something like this, or know someone who does, please pm me. We really need a car soon.

Mahalo Nui

02-03-2009, 02:05 PM
just a suggestion... im assuming this is where you are http://honolulu.craigslist.org/oah/cto/1019563354.html

there are seriously like 40 cars on craigslist so i would search there.