View Full Version : Kiwaya KTS-4 with Case

Sir El84
03-23-2014, 04:06 PM
Hi all. Selling my KTS-4 along with a very functional hardshell case.
I bought this soprano in late summer of 2012 from Elderly Instruments. Great (!!!) playing Uke with spot-on intonation. No issues. Very, very good condition. Nice vintage-y mellow sound.
The case is an aftermarket but fits perfectly- not too loose or too tight.
$465 shipped to lower 48 states.
Paypal Preferred.


Link: http://s1259.photobucket.com/user/memoryman1969/library/Kiwaya%20KTS-4

03-25-2014, 02:01 PM
These are terrific instruments with fantastic tone, response and intonation. I had one a while back that I regrettably sold. (one of the few that I really miss) I wish I had the cash to consider this.

Good luck with the sale.