View Full Version : Kala KA ASOV-T Tenor.... Brand New Condition

04-08-2014, 10:43 AM
It's in brand new condition, because it's basically brand new. I bought this from Bernunzio's Music on February 14, 2014, and discovered Koa not long after. There is not a single mark on this instrument, and I mail them back for the tiniest reason. There is NO caving in on the soundboard, or blemishes in the finish.

Rather than a few pics, I made a feature length movie: http://vimeo.com/91453343

I also have pics:

This instrument was humidified from day one, and Bernunzio's only had it in the store for a week before I bought it. These were introduced at NAMM 2014, and haven't been out very long. The top is solid spruce, and the B&S are solid Ovangkal. The Stagg case was bought new at the same time as the uke, and will be included. Price for ukulele and case is $325. Shipping is variable. I've sent several ukes back to Elderly, and from Pennsylvania to Michigan, Fedex ground is $15. We can split that. Past that shipping zone, I'll have to get a price.

Bottom line: I'm a picky OCD person, and you can rest assured that this instrument has passed its tests with perfect scores. I'm just not interested in anything but Koa right now, and hate to see this sitting in its case. Now get some popcorn, and enjoy the movie.

P.S. Locals are welcome to play the uke, just don't show up in a hockey mask with an axe. I will also assure you that this uke was never played without clothes, and I have been the only person to play it. Michelle Younger from Bernunzio's played it, and I'm sure she was fully clothed as well. :D

04-11-2014, 07:48 AM
Hmmmm...... I'll sell it without the case for $275.