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04-12-2014, 09:43 AM
We had another stint on local BBC radio today. It's always good fun, but I never like the set up (we are predominantly an electric band, with full scale bass and drums, and this studio is tiny, with no line feeds, just three desk mics. As such, we ended up running bass through a micro amp and a Cajon replaced the drums. Second gripe with these sort of things is the mix is taken out of your hands, and so today we found that the three par harmonies we wanted ended up being 1.75 part harmonies for the first half of the gig...)

Anyway the invite came in order to help us promote our charitable mini fest we are holding called N'Ukefest.

Pics and audio stream on the link below.


04-12-2014, 10:35 AM
Losing fans again :') And absolutely make those I've Been Nuked tops.
3 or 400 people though? My word. This'll be fun! Reckon byob'll be the best bet, two bars or not aha.

What you said about it becoming a job, that's how I always felt about the idea of being in a band.. I always turned the offers down and regret it so much but I was always worried it'd become a hassle more than a hobby but I regret it so much..

Really enjoyed Losing My Religion, and Wait sounded brilliant, great arrangements. Something didn't fit quite right for me on Chasing Cars, the singing was immense though. Never heard Wait before.. Very immaturely misheard the lyrics which made a very different song and had us chuckling at "take a load OF fanny" instead of OFF.. Take a load for free and put the load right on me.. It's a good job I don't know someone named Fanny.. We're such children :')

Thanks for sharing the link, very entertaining and looking forward to spending all my pennies on raffle tickets and crossing multiple digits hoping to win, all for a good cause (:

04-12-2014, 08:42 PM
Ha - thanks!

The Chasing Cars one is where we were really unhappy with the sound engineer tbh.