View Full Version : For Sale: Kamaka Soprano same owner since new(approx. 1968 or 69)

04-15-2014, 07:53 AM
SOLD! 4/19/14

I need money for taxes so I am selling off my prized posession!

The story: I got this Soprano Kamaka from a coworker. She got it new when she lived in Hawaii. She wasn't positive on the date but thought it was approx. 1968 or 69. It has a gold label. She said she only played it one time since she got it from her husband as a gift back then. She said she put it in the closet and forgot about it for 10 years until she moved here(Seattle). She got it here and did the same thing…stored in her closet up until 3 years ago. I got it about 3 years ago and don't play soprano anymore(play only tenor and guitar).

Condition: It has a lot of little nicks a small scratches mostly on the lower bouts. Neck is in great shape and it plays and sounds terrific! It's basically a new uke from the late 60's with lots of nicks and small scrapes(didn’t count them all but around 12 or so).

Sound: Sounds awesome like a vintage Kamaka. Lots of bark and the great Kamaka soprano sound. It’s a real gem!
I want $400 with a case. If you want it shipped, add $25 and I will take care of the rest with insurance.

I took some pictures but they didn’t come out good so if you message me with your email, I will email you directly with pictures from my new iPhone(much better than my camera!). I will also try to put a picture or two up when I can get to it. I have bought and sold over 40 ukes from this site!!!

I found this link to help with dating: http://www.kamakahawaii.com/ukedating.html

04-15-2014, 04:17 PM
I responded to PM. I have pics to email from phone!

04-16-2014, 09:02 AM
Pics sent Marco!