View Full Version : FS: Makala Dolphin Red Burst with or without case

04-17-2014, 11:20 AM
I bought this Makala Dolphin Red Burst soprano a few weeks ago thinking it would make a good travel uke for trips. I've decided to use another uke for this purpose so I might as well try to recoup some funds. The uke is in perfect shape. There are some brush marks on the top from what looks like when they glued on the bridge. Nothing noticeable very though.

The strings have already been changed out for Fremont fluorocarbons which make this little uke sound nice. I even bought a hard case for it. Crazy, but hey, that's me. I paid:

$44.99 for the uke
$29.99 for the case

I'll sell the uke without the case for $39.00 (I'll pay CONUS shipping).
With the case the price is $65.00 (I'll pay CONUS shipping).

If you thought about buying one of these ukes, save a few bucks and buy it from me :)