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04-19-2014, 01:27 PM
I absolutely LOVE this uke. It's gorgeous, it sounds fantastic and it's flawless as far as I can tell. Here's Kala's product page. My photos below. There are some reflections of some trees beside my patio on the lower right bout in the photos.


But it's my first tenor and I absolutely do not love playing a tenor. My short stubby fingers just don't take to it at all.

So... I'm going to buy the exact same uke in a concert scale. That's what I'm comfortable playing.

Retail is generally about $270.00 plus shipping for this uke. That puts it at about $290.00 in the states if buying online.

$215.00 for mine shipped to CONUS by Priority Mail in original gig bag and uke box inside another box with padding/peanuts, etc.

Edited to add: Those are fresh Fremont Blacklines. I'll include the original Aquilas as well, they're still like new too.

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