View Full Version : WTB: Flea or Fluke Tenor. Can also trade Flea Soprano and Luna Concert Tatoo for it

04-19-2014, 05:40 PM

I am interested in buying a used Flea or Fluke Tenor. I just don't feel comfortable with a concert and soprano and have the Flea Soprano and Luna Concert that I can trade for one of the Flea or Fluke Tenors or I can buy it outright. When I got these, I didn't know yet that these sizes wouldn't work. I have only been playing a few months.

The Luna comes with a soft fitted Luna bag and I can throw in some strings and both are in wonderful shape. The Luna is a month old and the Flea was checked out by two music shops and was told that it was in great shape with good strings and action.

Let me know what you've got with pictures if you can.

I love the sound of the Flea just can't play in very well because of the size.

My other UKE is a Mainland Mahogany Tenor Cutaway with a Miso pickup which I leave in the house. The Flea or Fluke will be to knock around with and bring about.

Thanks in advance.