View Full Version : Epiphone Vintage Sunburst and a black Outdoor Ukulele

04-27-2014, 11:39 AM
Looking to sell a couple of my ukes since I just got an electric uke and will be receiving a couple more in the next couple of months...

1. Epiphone Les Paul in Vintage Sunburst - This is a concert size uke. Currently strung with Living Waters and the single Low G Fremont Squeakless string. Includes original bag it came with. I can include a set of Martin M600 if you prefer High G. $70 + actual shipping. Paypal only please. (Selling this because I recently got one of those East Start Archtop Electric Uke) SOLD

2. Outdoor Ukulele in black (Soprano) - Replaced the plastic tuning pegs with the Grover 2B and strung with Aquila Red (Low G). I tune it A-D-F#-B. $50 + actual shipping. Paypal only please. (Selling this because I got in on the Buy a Tenor Outdoor Uke, get a matching Soprano one so won't be needing this one anymore). SOLD

Send me a message if you're interested.