View Full Version : How long do you think to learn this strum?

04-29-2014, 12:50 PM

So far I've invested a 15 minute session, one person said it took them 4 hours! I wonder if that was like a bunch of half hour sessions or a bunch of 10 minute ones or like a straight hour or something!!!

I know learning D DU UDU was a little mind bendy and this one seems to be as well! However I was able to figure that one out in one session but I have no idea how long I was sitting there. My kids are around today so I'll have to wait until I get some time alone to really work on it, better for the brain with no distractions.

04-29-2014, 04:46 PM
Hi Pixie, an easy way to learn this rhythm pattern is to play it fingerstyle using a comping technique. Thumb plays the open 4th string, index 3rd string, middle 2nd string and ring 1st string. Using this technique allows you to separate or accent the open 4th string from the pattern more easily rather than concentrating on finding it if you where strumming and leaves the index, middle & ring fingers to take care of the other strings. Once you feel comfortable with this it will be easier to introduce more of a strumming feel. Give it a go, I'm sure you'll be pleasantly surprised with the results! So it's thumb 4th string, index 3rd string, middle 2nd sting and ring 1st string.

Phluffy the Destroyer
04-30-2014, 01:40 AM
Using "T" for the thumb on the G and strum only C,E,&, A; then it looks like this:


It's pretty straightforward really, and except for the upstrums, it's not much more than a syncopated clawhammer.

Just because it is what it is, I suspect it's not something very useful for much else, but it sounds pretty, it's perfect for that song, and I think it's effing brilliant!