View Full Version : The blessing of a Willie K 5-String

05-05-2014, 02:59 PM
During my set today for my Busking For A Cause fundraising efforts (more information here - http://forum.ukuleleunderground.com/showthread.php?95828-Busking-For-A-Cause-in-May-amp-CD-Release-show-on-May-15th! ), I ended up having the Low G string break on my Oscar Schmidt Willie K 5-string ukulele. Thankfully the high-G was still in-tact and I was able to keep playing. I missed the low tone from the missing string on some songs, but the set wasn't really interrupted.

Anyone ever play and lose a string? What did you do about it? I would love to hear your stories!

05-05-2014, 03:17 PM
I've never broken a string except when changing them but I used to play with a guitarist who broke strings on his Taylor jumbo acoustic guitar pretty regularly. He was a really good picker and I've seen him break two strings during the course of a set and keep going as if nothing was wrong. He was pretty rough on the strings but it was always the same two strings so I finally convinced him to let me take a bit of 600 grit paper to the bridge saddle and I don't think he ever broke another string after that.


05-05-2014, 06:48 PM
Broke a string on a teacher's piano while playing Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue. She was ticked, (as if it was my fault)!

05-05-2014, 10:40 PM
The band I was in in school was audition for the big school show, I was just a singer back then but the guitarist broke one of his strings halfway through the song and I just carried on as if nothing had happened. Didn't get the spot obviously.

And a few months ago at open mic I was jamming 'I Wanna Be Your Dog' with a few guys and in the cacophony at the end while I was tearing it up I broke the A string on my guitar. Did the rest of my set with somebody else's guitar and it didn't go too well