View Full Version : WTT My Alden LP Style Zematitis Guitar for a nice UKE

Farmer Rob
02-09-2009, 02:43 PM
hi gang, new here, but a long history on various boards.. (click for a ref check) (http://www.network54.com/Forum/78440/message/1168052524/Reference+check+for+Farmer+Rob+-+Pls+sign+in+if+u+dealt+with+me+--))
Mainly a watch guy, but i bought a uke and guitar - dont like the guitar, want another uke!!
Alden (Zematitis) Bluesline ZE Engraved Metal Top Electric LP
These go aout $530 street + ship,
As new- set-up & I intonated it -
Adult owned- has literally only hung on the wall..

a "real" Zematitis (he's dead) go for $30K+ New knockoffs w/ their licensed name go for 2.5k get a Korean made copy for much less and the same sound (literally)... Very cool guitar body style like the Woodman's Metal front of the early 80's.

The engraving is very nice and true, and does not make the guitar very heavy. These guitars play incredibly well, very well balanced and nice tone. For $550 or so you can get one of these bad boys and just jam! Throw some designer pickups in it, mod it, have FUN with it because you dont have to put a huge amount of dough into it like other axes !
Alden guitars are the result of a collaboration between UK guitar guru Alan Entwhistle and one of Korea's leading guitar companies. Alan has been involved in guitar design since the early 60's and his wealth of experience is showcased perfectly in the Alden range. Alden guitars are inspired by classic instruments of the last 5 decades though thanks to Alan's creative design input none could be even remotely described as “copies” All feature top quality hardware, Entwhistle designed pickups, premium materials, and superb construction supervised by the man himself! Alden Guitar, USA. is a Boston, Massachusetts based importer and wholesaler of Alden Guitars.

Look on Harmony Central for reviews: Sound rated @ 9.7 Overall 9.0

Blues Line (Alto) Series Guitar Features:
* Body and Neck: Mahogany body, Aluminum Top, Set in neck
*Fingerboard: Rosewood with diamond position mark
* Pick Up: LP Humbucker IV + BK (Ring; Chrome)
* Bridge: Tune O Matic (Stop Bar)
* 24 fret

Alden (Zematitis) Bluesline ZE Engraved Metal Top Electric LP - $425-cash trade $450+ ish
Willing to trade for a nice UKE , Dobro or Resonator
I can add a soft case & will split shipping since mine will cost 3x as much to ship

Farmer Rob
07-26-2009, 10:35 AM
still up help