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05-13-2014, 08:40 AM
Actually it was last Monday, but I didn't want to post a NUD without any proof. :D

Sound sample (if you're offended by spiritual content, don't click. I'm a music minister, and such originals are what you get.)

Most of you know Mainland's specs by now - in this case solid cedar top w/ solid rosewood back and sides. I chose the tenor with Mi-Si pre-installed, and by default got the gloss finish I wanted. I chose gold sealed geared tuners with amber buttons. My son has a Lanikai concert with similar tuners, but those buttons are big. Mainland's are small, and I was pleasantly surprised by that.

The hardshell case wasn't what I expected. On the + side, it has an outside zipper pocket. Nice. However, it's one of those kanvas(?) covered, foam-lined ones. I knew it would have zippers and that hook-and-loop closure I always catch things on, but I thought the outside would actually be hard. No big deal, it's a nice case also with inside accessory compartment, but at some point I'll need to get a truly hard case and preferably one with latches.

The case smelled bad, and I aired it out. But the uke smelled like cedar. Nice.

Mike did one fabulous setup on this uke! I requested low action, low G, and dressed frets, and that's what I got. Thanks Mike!

Just let me say too, the intonation is awesome! I tune with an A-440 fork and my ear. I've had ukes that went pretty sharp farther up the neck, but this one doesn't. I heard good things on UU about Mainlands' intonation, and I'm glad to have the same experience.

No reflection on Mainland really, but why do they all come with Aquila strings? I did play them some, and gave away the extra sets I ordered. I do not like them. They feel strange against my fingers, and squeak, even the nonwound trebles squeaked. It would be great if more string options were offered, but as they weren't, I got some Oasis warms elsewhere and swapped out the Aquilas. BTW I don't like the Oasis low G either, because it squeaks. Living Waters are next on my list to try.

Oh, and this was weird. I had the Oasis set on less than a day, when the C string broke. I couldn't tell exactly where, but it was close to the bridge. So I replaced it with the other C string, as they come in a double set. This is the first time I've tried those, so not sure what to think. The replacement is playing well though.

Anyway, this uke is pretty! And loud, and has the sound I was looking for, which I don't know how to describe. The body is thinner than I expected. My son's concert has a thicker body, front to back. It was just something I noticed.

I also noticed the bottom side of the top was nice and smooth, or what I could reach of it. I had some other production ukes where the inside was very rough. This one is not.

Other reasons I got this tenor were sustain, more playing room up the neck, the neck profile, and the cedar top. I got everything I asked for. + I like the removable nut.

This was a great purchase, and nice doing business with Mainland. I plan to enjoy this uke for a long time! My policy has become "one uke at a time," and this is my one. I chose well. :)

Bill Mc
05-13-2014, 09:45 AM
That is beautiful. Nice playing and singing. The Mainland red cedar tenor is a fine instrument. I bought one for one of my grandchildren and it is a great sounding instrument and nicely set up by Mike. Music like that just might get me in church!

Patrick Madsen
05-13-2014, 02:08 PM
Nice playing Peace. Great uke also. I suggest going with Southcoast linear strings. Dirk has them in wound and unwould. I love the clarity of his HML-RW's. Higher tension but clear as a bell. Looking forward to hearing more of your songs.

05-13-2014, 02:35 PM
Sounds great. Glad to hear you are so satisfied with your purchase. I have lingered over pictures of this uke online on more than one occasion. Might want to give some Worth clears a try. The last cedar top I heard with a set sounded nice.