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05-18-2014, 11:32 PM
Hello everyone,

I know this is a first post but I'm a long time lurker (see how old my account is). I can show some other forum accounts from me around the web to show I'm credible.

For sale is a very beloved Keith Ogata Kinohi SE ukulele, and extraordinarily, the only mahogany model I have ever seen. If it's of interest, I can ask Keith how many he has ever made but it's quite possible this is the only one.

So it's a solid mahogany body, with a deep red/purple stain, high gloss finish on the front and soft matt on the famously slightly rounded back and sides. Black celluloid binding. It has a wonderfully figured Honduras mahogany neck, koa and ebony split bridge (second generation style), and a nicely figured koa fretboard which is matched to the neck with almost scientific precision.

I bought this new from Shawn Yacavone of ukulelefriend.com around 5 years ago - here is the archived sale page:


As I said, this is second generation split bridge, here is what I think is Keith's first bridge design:

and then finally what I see as his newest and latest split bridge design:


Shawn I hope would testify for an easy transaction when I bought it.

I have had some contact with Keith over this ukulele regarding the top string having a slight buzz, he was very helpful and we worked out it was source from the nut pin. He very kindly sent me a replacement set which solved it.

There are three points of damage to the ukulele, and I have taken a picture of each. There is a very small dent on the bottom of the fretboard on fret 6. There is a small nick on the bottom back edge of the uke by the cutout. And finally, worst of all, the ebony wood on the bridge has cracked. I had a quality London luthier take over at this point and he glued it back to safety. It's not too obvious but it is what it is. He also reset the action, so it's overall in good shape now. It hasn't appeared to affect the tonality in any way. I didn't take the issue to Keith simply due to the cost of shipping back and forth to Hawaii.

Overall the ukulele is in great condition. I've played it for maybe 10 hours in total. My reason for sale is that it just doesn't suit the style of play I've settled with, and my hands are a bit too small for it.

There is a picture album here:


And a soundbyte on youtube here:


I can do a visual video if you want but I'm a bit camera shy and I may not be able to bust out such a great tune :P

For the future owner, although I am sure Keith will help without my intervention should you have any problems, I'll be more than happy to liaise with him and explain who the new owner is etc.

I think it's very possible that Keith has stopped making ukuleles or perhaps drastically reduced the quantity. I haven't seen one for sale for a very long time now and there is less and less mention of these amazing instruments. The last ukuleles mentioned on the ASD Hawaii website are numbered TUKA 119 to 122. This is TUKA 117.

As a result, I'm looking for 650 or $1100, not including shipping, which I think accounts for the damage and rarity fairly. It will come with a semi hard carry case. I'll listen to serious offers.

I am obviously willing to ship to the US but I'd like to converse with the buyer regarding the best way to do that to reduce the risk for both of us. I can meet UK buyers in London, Hampshire, Surrey, West and East Sussex. I can of course ship within the UK or Western (only) Europe too.

Please let me know if you would like any other pictures or have any questions. Thanks, Julian.


05-19-2014, 05:00 AM
If anyone thinks I'm off with price, please do say so - to a degree I'm not TOTALLY sure of what it's worth - I've based it on other customs on the market and how frequently (or not) that these seem to come up.