View Full Version : Discovered great emory boards for sanding

Vespa Bob
05-26-2014, 02:51 PM
Using emory boards for sanding in tight places is nothing new, I know, but the black 7"x3/4" type that I prefer to use have been harder and harder to find these days, having been replaced by brightly coloured "designer" style items which are either too rough or too smooth and don't seem to last very long. After burglarizing my wife's purse in search of a replacement for my worn out emory board, I came upon the best one that I have ever used. It is firm, but still slightly flexible, the sanding grit is perfect for most of my needs, it doesn't clog up and most of all it lasts for a long time.
After a search on Amazon, I ordered a pack of 100 pieces for $12, enough to last me for quite some time. The brand name of these beauty's is Etre Natural Beauty nail files. Here's a link to Amazon's site:
They are worth a try!