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05-30-2014, 05:49 AM
$250 includes booth, mic, software and UPS Ground shipping within the continental United States. PayPal preferred.

The PortaBooth Pro is a mobile recording booth. Assembled, the dimensions are 20" w x 21" h x 16" d. It folds to 20" w x 21" h x 7" d, and weighs 7 lb. The outside is 600 denier fabric, and the interior is treated with Auralex Acoustics studiofoam. An attached fleece hood stores in an outer pocket and can be folded down in loud environments. The booth assembles by closing only 2 zippers. Corner straps stabelize the booth, and slits accommodate boom mic stands, cables, etc. The bottom is flat, so the booth can stand alone, or be mounted on a stand (not included).

According to Harlan Hogan, the manufacturer and voiceoveressentials.com, this is a sonic stage auditorium design. TO me it's shaped like a cave, with a wide opening that tapers to a narrow back. In use the booth is very sturdy and eliminates computer, vehicle, fan and other noise from recordings. It works great with uke, vocals and other instruments, whether recorded together or separately, and gives a nice, tight, studio quality sound. Little if any post-recording EQ or effects are needed.

You can find sound samples and more information on the website. Note that this is not the booth with the lifter design, but the previous model.

Here are direct mp3 links to some of my recordings with this booth. No EQ or effects were added, except where noted.

Uke only:

Uke and vocals recorded simultaneously:

Multi-track (uke, vocals, hand percussion recorded separately), reverb added later:

Also included is a Blue Snowball USB microphone. You can hear it works well with this booth.

PG Music's Band-in-a-Box software is included as well. This is the 2011 release. You can upgrade and add options online, though I don't know the current pricing. Use this to add pre-recorded, real instruments to your tracks, as well as MIDI instruments. It does much more than this, with tuning, recording and play-along features. It just didn't work for me because of screen-reader issues.

The software is on CD and includes an extensive printed manual, also in PDF on the CD.

I'm selling these items because I prefer a different booth and mic. This is a high quality portable recording package. But to truly be mobile, you would need a laptop if using the Snowball. :)

$250 includes shipping within the continental U.S. The booth usually sells for $349, with the Snowball and software purchased separately.

I'll ask someone to take pics if needed.

If interested please PM or email with any questions: