View Full Version : FS 30's ? La Venicia soprano uke

05-31-2014, 07:20 AM
Don't rightly know a value on this but I'll be fine w/ $ 400 shipped , lower 48. 2 day trial or you pay shipping back.

Here's the story:
Had a screw in the neck block when I got it (needed a neck set) , Birch back, pretty good side crack, 1 rotted tuner. So I replaced the back with Mahogany, 4 or so sessions of varnish, set the neck, put in a little bridge plate, glued up & cleated the crack, replacement tuner is correct size/model, but not pearloid,added a little mahogany 12th fret (easily removeable),new nut, and strung her up with a light guage banjo Aguila set. All the graphics are pristine and nicely finish checked all over, (ecxept the back), light fret end softening, has a good sized gouge in the headstock right behind the treble side of the nut. Pretty sweet little soprano but I need to move her along, I'm more of a Concert guy. New hard case.

Here's a look see vid :

and a sound sample :

Thanks for looking & keep on pickin' !

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