View Full Version : Electric bass ukulele

Pete Howlett
05-31-2014, 10:08 AM
I recused myself from the bass ukulele thread because I have my own ideas about these quirky things and have no real expertise to comment on them (as you will see in the video...).

However a returning Building School student made this excellent Firefly (after the work of David Myka) bass ukulele. It used Pyramid bass ukulele strings (25 a set!!!)which are like overwound classical guitar strings. I didn't realise they were scale length specific (designed for the amazing Stevens Bass Ukulele) so there is a slight but liveable-with issue at the nut end... Harvey was very pleased - note the great and highly individual headstock. He will strip the hardware, disassemble the neck and body and apply a finish back at barracks (he is a serving veterinary officer with Veterinary Core of the British Army - and a thoroughly nice chap too...)