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06-03-2014, 08:54 AM
Thought this might be interesting - anything interesting you can add I'll include in the list and update after a while.. can anyone beat the Kumalae??

225g - Kumalae Style A - 1940s wooden pegs

235g - 1920s Koa Hawaiian

240g - 1920s Regal, cuban mahogany

245g - Tom Pocket (travel sopranino)

253g - 1920s Regal-made SS Stewart, cuban mahogany

260g - Kiwaya KTS-4 mahogany (I've found this elsewhere listed at 290g - can anyone check?)

260g - Martin-20's Style O-Mahogany

261g - Rob Collins meranti soprano with wooden pegs

275g - Argapa soprano with wooden pegs

275g - Japanese 1970s plywood/cheap plastic friction tuners (slightly short scale length)

277g - Lyra Island Style

280g - Kala Travel mk.II with friction tuners

283g - Martin-50's Style O-Mahogany

285g - Martin early-1930s Mahogany

285g - Roy Smeck mahogany; plastic fretboard

292g - La Foley 1920s Soprano (13" scale length)

293g - Timms 2014 Honduran Mahogany/Pegheds

294g - Pete Howlett Helsinki

297g - Martin 1920s Style 0

297g - Style 3 Martin with heavy Grover champion tuners (w/originals nearer 277g?)

299g - Kala KA-SEM

302g - Martin 60s Style 0

303g - late 1930s sunburst Gibson uke-1

304g - Kepasa Madeira

304g - Kiwaya KTS-7

306g - Ohana SK28 Hawaiian style, recessed fingerboard, mahogany

306g - vintage Martin Style 0

308g - Gibson Style 2

312g - Loprinzi cedar/mahogany (11 oz)

312g - G-String matte koa

312g - Favilla mahogany

316g - 1948 Gibson uke-2

320g - Howlett Mahogany

321g - Timms mahogany (11.25 oz)

323g - 1970s no-name made in japan plywood ukulele

327g - plastic 50s Islander

333g - early 1930s Gibson uke-1

340g - Kala Travel Soprano (geared tuners?)

340g - Imua koa (12 oz)

340g - VanPelt redwood/walnut (12 oz)

341g - 2014 Timms Honduran Mahogany with friction tuners

348g - Ohana SK35 (no gloss)

354g - Ken Timms 2009 Fireplace Special ( style 0 copy)

355g - Stuart Longridge (solid yew body, walnut neck)

358g - Bruko ( solid mahogany type body, maple neck)

360g - Ohana SK35G

361g - Ken Timms 2008 style 0

374g - Martin 2014 Cherry 3 (13.2oz)

376g - Black bear koa (13.25 oz)

397g - Kamaka (w/strap button) (14 oz)

397g - Wm King cedar/koa (w/oversize tuners) (14 oz)

406g - KoAloha Pineapple

408g - Kala (solid acacia body, mahogany type neck)

408g - Risa Uke Solid

419g - AnueNue Re-entrants Signature

425g - Kala KA-KIWI

429g - Flea

430g - Simon Bush Native soprano

450g - Makala Dolphin

475g - Makala Dolphin

495g - Applause UA-10

554g - Applause UAE-20

600g - Ken Smith Uukleles mahogany top/ serpentwood sides/back/fretboard

06-03-2014, 09:16 AM
The same model soprano ukes from the same manufacturers won't weigh the same. Each piece of wood has it's own density, some necks are noticeable lighter or heavier than others made from the same wood.

06-03-2014, 09:58 PM
Partly the reason I posted...

It's just a bit of fun.. Ukulele gradgrindery, as someone intelligently suggested.

But I'd say that in general makers have lost the early emphasis on v.simple superlight builds. (Not saying that is either good or bad) Unless can be proved otherwise?

06-03-2014, 11:04 PM
Out of curiosity, what is a "Ken Timms 2009 Fireplace Special"?

06-04-2014, 01:32 AM
The Kala KA-15S soprano weighed in at 390 grams. (Mahogany laminate, brass frets)

we tigers
06-04-2014, 02:03 AM
My 2012 Kiwaya KTS-4 was 291g

11-23-2014, 04:21 AM
Favilla Marca Aquila (c.1890-1910), mahogany: 255g

11-24-2014, 04:24 AM
What is the number needed to change from ounces to grams?

11-24-2014, 04:31 AM
What is the number needed to change from ounces to grams?

Google- https://www.google.com/search?client=safari&rls=en&q=oz+to+grams&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8

01-15-2018, 04:26 PM
This is a really old thread, but since it may provide a useful long-term database:

Favilla U-2, mahogany, 1930s-'40s, 279g. After two weeks of humidifying at 46 to 51 percent, 281g on same digital postal/kitchen scale.

Brüko recent No. 2 all maple except rosewood bridge and nut, standard depth arch back, 345g.

Outdoor recent Version 2 brown polycarbonate plastic, standard tuners, 420g.

Martin 0X recent blue "bamboo" synthetic laminate with dark brown non-rosewood bridge & fingerboard, 413g.

Famous/Kiwaya 2017 FS-5G koa-veneered thin plywood with rosewood fingerboard, 380g.

Makala Shark, white plywood & plastic, 530g.

Makala Shark, black plywood & plastic, 464g.

All with stock tuners. All without electronics or strap buttons. All with high-G string sets.

06-03-2019, 01:14 AM
The Kala KA-15S soprano weighed in at 390 grams. (Mahogany laminate, brass frets)

This is fun!
My KA-155S copy that I made out of solid mahogany, redwood and teak weighs in at 381 grams.

06-03-2019, 01:34 AM
FWIW, here's a few more weights. Not super accurate - just to half an ounce on the kitchen scales, then converted to metric.

Ken Timms "Island" style (wooden pegs) 284
Home built from 'Cuban' mahogany 298
Martin style 1 312
Home built from reclaimed mahogany 312
Cort Australian Blackwood 326
Home built from Iroko 354
Ohana SK-35G mahogany 369
Ohana SK50MG 369
KoAloha 383
Kala Acacia 425

John Colter.

06-03-2019, 01:49 AM
I find it interesting to compare the various Ken Timms style 0 examples in the earlier list.

Ken has not varied his way of building, significantly, over the years. The variation must be due to the density of the mahogany used. My own Timms "Island" style is a different design, and uses small wooden tapered pegs.

My own favourite is the KoAloha, and it is one of the heavier ukes. My Kala Acacia is right up there with the heavy brigade, but it is a lovely instrument in all respects.

Lightness is a good thing, but not really a reliable predictor of sound.

John Colter.

06-03-2019, 01:55 AM
289g - Early 40's Martin Style 0 with Pegheds (10.37 oz)

317g - Teens/20's Favilla 12 fret mahogany soprano (11.18 oz)

346g - Famous FS-1, 12-fret design, with stock Gotoh friction tuners (12.2 oz)

06-03-2019, 04:39 AM
Wow what a huge range of weights. Are the "Applause" models at the heavy end Ovation style with a plastic bowl? I wonder how much the observed weights are affected by humidity as it's likely that the older ukes are more dried out. I humidify my ukuleles in winter and observe changes of up to 10g per week, so this can easily add up to a substantial weight loss or gain if an uke is exposed to on-going very dry or very moist environment for several months.

06-03-2019, 04:50 AM
What is the number needed to change from ounces to grams?

And here are two charts.


06-03-2019, 09:03 AM
315g - Ohana SK-38
331g - Ohana SK-39
359g - Kiwaya KSU-1
410g - Koaloha KSO-10 (with UPTs and one strap button)
417g - Martin OXK

06-04-2019, 12:53 AM
I complied a list of 19 Magic Fluke numbers and dates - glad to add more.

06-05-2019, 07:35 AM
Kamaka Gold Label with Waverly Koa Friction Pegs 309 grams.

06-05-2019, 09:59 AM
Kamaka Gold Label with Waverly Koa Friction Pegs 309 grams.

Thanks for that. I'm up to ninety-five listings now.

10-05-2019, 10:22 AM
Martin Konter Replica with Pegheds = 304 grams

10-05-2019, 08:21 PM
315g - Ohana SK-38
331g - Ohana SK-39
359g - Kiwaya KSU-1
410g - Koaloha KSO-10 (with UPTs and one strap button)
417g - Martin OXK

Price (US$)
Weight (gram)
Price/Weight ($/g)

Ohana SK-38

Ohana SK-39

Kiwaya KSU-1

Koaloha KSO-10

Martin OXK

Basically 1g is 1 US$.

10-06-2019, 02:58 AM
Martin 1927-1932 Style 0- 285 grams

Badger uke
10-08-2019, 01:26 AM
Flight tus 35 495gms