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06-08-2014, 01:36 AM
I took part yesterday in something called 100 in 1 day in Toronto. This is a community involvement event o raise the awareness of community spirit and local stewardish by the residence in different parts of the city. It is basically 100 seperate events held on the same day through out the city. There was everything from, green space cleanup projects, veggie parades, yoga on the beach, tree planting, hugging stations, art it the park displays, sidewalk chalking workshops, frer food samples etc. etc.

The Rooster Uke Group put on a camp fire type sing along in Withrow Park.They we joined by local grade school that plays uke in their school music program. There were close to 40 of us ranging in age from 8 - 70. This is a busy park in the heart of the city and we attracted a pretty big audience. The very cool thing was how people got caught up in the spirit of the whole thing and would start to sing along with us. At one point I am sure we had close to 60 people joining in and singing along.

If you ever get a chance to do anything like this jump at the opportunity. The uke is such a fun inviting little instrument and coupled with familiar songs it just automatically draws people in and gets them participating.:-)That is what communities are really all about.