View Full Version : Kala KA-P soprano pineapple with gig bag and tuner. Excellent condition!

06-09-2014, 12:33 PM
Kala KA-P soprano pineapple, with Rockbag gig bag, set up and in excellent condition. No strum marks or signs of use. I did find one ding on the back of the head stock which is the size of a large bread crumb. It has been set up with Nylgut, has good volume sweet tone. A fun uke to have around or gift. Also comes with a Joyo JMT-01 digital tuner. Please don't mind the old date in the UU sign. I have been debating whether to sell it or not for a few months because it goes unused. Every time I gave it a lil try before selling, it convinces me to keep it!
$59 shipped to the lower 48.