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02-13-2009, 04:59 AM
aloha kakou,

so, less than two weeks ago, i get this `ukulele from MGM - a KoAloha KCM. i had him lower the action a tiny bit, because the ones I tried instore, I had a hard time fretting the first couple frets. it stayed mostly in its case, because i've been relatively busy. i've had a humidifier in the case its whole time and kept in a cool place because my wife is notorious with the heater. The few times I did play it, it sounded fine.

SO, last night I break it out for its first true session and to practice some since i was home alone. i start out just doing some exercises: picking open g, first fret g, second fret g, etc. for all the strings and frets. nothing. Then I start strumming, hard, i figure new `ukulele = new strings, i have to stretch them out. nothing again, maybe slight reverb as i get closer to the puka. i do SURF (C/Am/F/G7) it sounds so `ono(delicious). then I try Tropical Lady (Am/F#m/D/E7) and then i hear it a slight buzz as i transition between chords. Mostly it happens on the D to E7.

It sounds like mostly like the E string open fret and possibly the second fret. and sometimes the A string open and second fret. I try to duplicate it in slow time, but if I fret perfectly and hard, no buzz. but a little faster i get a little off, I hear it - small sharp buzz, enough to make the chord sour (at least to my ears.) another time I hear it is if i lift my fingers a tad (like nano seconds) earlier switching chords. it feels like the strings are bouncing/echoing off my fingers and hitting the frets.

i sometimes hear a slight buzz open fret E string, but it happens 4 out of 10 times and very very slight. I hear the buzz near the saddle. so i'm wondering if it's just me and my subpar playing ?

i think most of the time this may be the issue. well at least i'm hoping its player error or just breaking in new strings.

i've tried Frets.com and couldn't diagnose it. because it doesnt happen all the time.

i contacted MGM, and he said it's possibly string irregularities from the KoAloha fluorocarbons and suggests WOrths cm.

any other kokua (help)?

02-13-2009, 07:55 AM
Mike knows his stuff,I'd say he's probably right about the string being a little imperfect.Bad strings are not uncommon.