View Full Version : Checking Interest - Kanilea Custom Tenor Hawaiian Islands

06-18-2014, 11:39 AM
I am checking for interest in a beautiful and mint condition Kanile'a Custom Tenor Hawaiian Islands ukulele. It was originally set up by MGM. It has probably not been played over 5 hours total since it was finished by Kanile'a a couple years ago. You would be hard pressed to find any scratches or flaws. It has been stored in its case with a humidifer. I purchased it last year here at UU. According to the Kanile'a records, this custom tenor was completed in April 2011. Current prices for these special Kanile'a custom koa ukuleles are about $2000. I will attach the thread from the 1st owner - he took some great photos and it looks exactly today as it did then. I have had it out of the case about 4 times to check on it. I have been learning on a Mainland Red Cedar uke purchased here that can hold up for a new player.


I read a lot on UU - I don't really post. Through the UU marketplace, I have purchased about 6 really nice used ukuleles and 2 new ones, so I have references from some senior UU members. I got bit bad by the ukulele bug, and now I am thinning down the group.

The abalone used to make the islands is simply spectacular. All purples and greens and blues. Very little to no white. Haven't seen any other HI model with this vivid and bright abalone. In person it is even more beautiful than the photos. It will come in a pristine Oahu Case Company case - no smoke and no pet household. I don't play well enough to record a sound sample. Hawaii Music Supply has 2 Kanile'a HI models for sale and their sound samples have the sound this one does.

Why would I sell this? Just one reason. To order and pay for a Mya-Moe Master Grade Quilted Cherry Classic Tenor with a cedar top - and I got to meet Gordon, Char, and Aaron in their shop, arriving there in a snow blizzard. I got to see my ukulele during the build process. They are so thoughtful and talented. I can't justify or afford to keep this Kanile'a ukulele in the closet and it deserves to be played. I will never part with my Mya-Moe. Since I got it in January of this year, you can see I have been dragging my feet about posting the Kanile'a for sale. It is time for it to have a forever home.

Anyway, if there is interest, send me a PM. If I post it, I will be asking $1500, shipped only to the continental US. I am not desperate to sell it, so I won't stray too far from this price. Thanks for reading this posting.