View Full Version : Jambox Jawbone portable speaker

06-25-2014, 11:47 AM
Got my concert Electric Uku today and does it sound wonderful throught this speaker. Using with a Zoom G1on Multi pedal, set to clean with a little echo or reverb. Perfect portable setup. I use this setup for my elctric violin, guitar, acoustic, digital piano n now Ukulele. Everything sounds clean clear through this setup. Inexpensive too, very protable, batteries last long time. Great for around the house.

Jawbone is 80 This is great for listening to MP3's too.. As well it is bluetooth.
Zoom G1on is 50 small n very light, has a great looper in it as well as variety of drum beats and effects. Looper, I do a bass riff with the electric, add a acoustic rhythm, then play any instrument lead. All while sitting outside on the back padio.
Very cool.. Ken